Frontiers in Occupational Health and Safety

Frontiers in Occupational Health and Safety

Volume: 1

Changes in the World of Work and Impacts on Occupational Health and Safety

Editor(s): Marcela G. Ribeiro

Indexed in: Book Citation Index, Social Sciences & Humanities, EBSCO.

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Frontiers in Occupational Health and Safety: Changes in the world of work and impacts on Occupational Health and Safety, highlights the various economic, political and cultural consequences which ...
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Foreword  promotion: free to download

Pp. i

Eduardo Algranti

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Pp. ii-iii (2)

Marcela G. Ribeiro

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Pp. iv

Marcela G. Ribeiro

Work Organization and Occupational Health in Contemporary Capitalism

Pp. 3-31 (29)

Ana Valéria C. Dias and Francisco de P. A. Lima

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Nanotechnology and Risks into the Workers’ Universe: Some Critical Reflections

Pp. 32-86 (55)

Paulo R. Martins and Richard D. Dulley

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Occupational Health and Safety Knowledge and Practice

Pp. 87-136 (50)

Marcela G. Ribeiro and Fernanda F. Ventura

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Pp. 137-150 (14)

Marcela G. Ribeiro