Recent Technologies in Capture of CO2

Editor(s): Rosa-Hilda Chavez

Co-Editor(s): Javier de J. Guadarrama

Indexed in: EBSCO.

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“Recent Technologies in the capture of CO2” provides a comprehensive summary on the latest technologies available to minimize the emission of CO2 from large point sources like fossil-fuel power ...
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Pp. i-ii (2)

Lydia Paredes Gutierrez

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Pp. iii-vi (4)

Rosa-Hilda Chavez and Javier de J. Guadarrama

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Pp. vii-viii (2)

Rosa-Hilda Chavez and Javier de J. Guadarrama

Oxy-Fuel Combustion in Fluidized Beds

Pp. 3-39 (37)

Isabel Guedea, Irene Bolea, Carlos Lupiañez, Luis M. Romeo and Luis I. Díez

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Gas Separation Membranes Used in Post-Combustion Capture

Pp. 40-68 (29)

Li Zhao and Ludger Blum

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Minimizing Energy Consumption in CO2 Capture Processes Through Process Integration

Pp. 69-94 (26)

Alma Esthela Torres-López, Martín Picón-Núñez and Rosa-Hilda Chavez

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Characterization and Application of Structured Packing for CO2 Capture

Pp. 95-118 (24)

Rosa-Hilda Chavez, Eva M. de la Rosa and Javier de J. Guadarrama

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Calcium Looping Technology for CO2 Capture

Pp. 119-146 (28)

Pilar Lisbona, Yolanda Lara, Ana Martínez and Luis M. Romeo

PDF Price: $15

Liquid-Gas Contactors Material Properties for CO2 Capture in Absorption Column

Pp. 147-177 (31)

Araceli Salazar, Rosa-Hilda Chavez and Javier de J. Guadarrama

PDF Price: $15

Rate-Based Models and Design of Packed Columns for Absorption of Carbon Dioxide

Pp. 178-242 (65)

Andrés Emilio Hoyos-Barreto, Anja Müller, Felipe Bustamante and Luz Villa Luz Villa

PDF Price: $15

Analysis of CO2 by Determination of Carbon and Oxygen Using Ion Beam Analysis (IBA)

Pp. 243-271 (29)

Juan A. Aspiazu and Arturo Aspiazu

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Pp. 272-295 (24)

Rosa-Hilda Chavez and Javier de J. Guadarrama(