The Medical Lives of History`s Famous People

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This eBook “ Medical Lives of History`s Famous People” highlights the consequences of numerous medical concerns of historical individuals. It also discusses in depth how the public lives of ...
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Samuel Clemens Visits the Dentist

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William James Maloney


American humorist and author Samuel Clemens was afflicted with periodontal disease. While living in Hartford, Connecticut his dentist was Dr. John Riggs who is considered to be the father of periodontics. Dr. Riggs studied under another Hartford dentist, Dr. Horace Wells. Dr. Wells is a pioneer in the field of anesthesia. In one of Clemensʼ posthumously published short stories, ‘Happy Memories of the Dental Chair’, Clemens gives insights into the origins of periodontics and anesthesia.


Anesthesia, Elmira, hypersensitivity, nitrous oxide, oral hygiene, periodontics, periodontist.


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