The Medical Lives of History`s Famous People

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This eBook “ Medical Lives of History`s Famous People” highlights the consequences of numerous medical concerns of historical individuals. It also discusses in depth how the public lives of ...
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The Othello Syndrome

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William James Maloney


The dramatic works of William Shakespeare have left readers and audience members spellbound for centuries. Shakespeare explores many topics of the human experience in a manner which can, at times, be all too realistic as he starkly demonstrates the many aspects of the dark side of human nature. In the play, ʻThe Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Veniceʼ, Shakespeare explores the effects of morbid jealousy.

The actions of the fictional character, Othello, has inspired modern psychological experts to refer to morbid jealousy as ʻThe Othello Syndrome’.


Desdemona, economic stresses, extramarital sex, Iago, insecurity, morbid jealousy, murder, Othello Syndrome, Othello, playwright, psychiatric, Roderigo, sexual dysfunction, unfaithfulness.


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