The Medical Lives of History`s Famous People

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This eBook “ Medical Lives of History`s Famous People” highlights the consequences of numerous medical concerns of historical individuals. It also discusses in depth how the public lives of ...
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The Extreme Darwinian Principles of Science Fiction Writer H.G. Wells Seen in Contrast to His Personal Views Concerning His Own Diabetes

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William James Maloney


Diabetes is a disorder which affects millions of individuals worldwide. Diabetes refers to a group of metabolic disorders in which the body either does not produce enough insulin or the body does not respond to the insulin that is being produced.

H.G. Wells was well-known throughout the world for his writing in the science fiction genre. He also adhered to strict Darwinian principles. However, upon developing diabetes he became a staunch advocate for the access to insulin for all without regard for their ability to pay for it. Wells performed many noble and altruistic deeds on behalf of his fellow diabetics. This certainly did not correspond with his beliefs and attitudes in other areas of life.


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