Frontiers in RNAi

Editor(s): Ralph A. Tripp and Jon M. Karpilow

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RNA interference (RNAi) is a biological process in which small nucleotide sequences destroy specific mRNA molecules and, therefore, interrupt genetic expression. RNAi has rapidly developed into a ...
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Foreword  Open Access Plus

Pp. i

Devin Leake

Preface  Open Access Plus

Pp. iii

Ralph Tripp and Jon Karpilow

List of Contributors  Open Access Plus

Pp. v-vii (3)

Ralph Tripp and Jon Karpilow

Acknowledgments  Open Access Plus

Pp. ix

Ralph Tripp and Jon Karpilow

RNAi and Off-Target Effects  Open Access Plus

Pp. 3-20 (18)

Amanda Birmingham, Andreas Kaufmann and Karol Kozak

Automation Considerations for RNAi Library Formatting and High Throughput Transfection  Open Access Plus

Pp. 21-39 (19)

Sean M. Johnston, Caroline E. Shamu and Jennifer A. Smith

Public Repositories for RNAi Screening Data  Open Access Plus

Pp. 40-57 (18)

Esther E. Schmidt, Michael S. Banos, Jennifer A. Smith, Amanda Birmingham, Michael Boutros and Caroline E. Shamu

Pooled shRNA Screening  Open Access Plus

Pp. 58-78 (21)

Annaleen Vermeulen, Anja van Brabant Smith, Sarah B. Anderson, Roderick L. Beijersbergen and Kaylene J. Simpson

RNAi for Viral Disease Control  Open Access Plus

Pp. 79-106 (28)

Cameron R. Stewart, S. Mark Tompkins, Kristie A. Jenkins, Leonard H. Izzard, John Stambas, Andrew G. Bean, Mark L. Tizard, Timothy J. Doran and John W. Lowenthal

Host-Encoded miRNAs Involved in Host-Pathogen Interactions  Open Access Plus

Pp. 107-143 (37)

Samantha Barichievy and Abhijeet Bakre

RNAi Screening in Cells of the Immune System: Challenges and Opportunities  Open Access Plus

Pp. 144-177 (34)

Sinu P. John, Michael Freeley, Aideen Long and Iain D.C. Fraser

siRNA Microarray-Based Genomic Screening  Open Access Plus

Pp. 178-214 (37)

Yong-Jun Kwon, HiChul Kim, Jin Y. Kim, Namyoul Kim, Jinyeoung Heo, TaeKyu Lee, Michael A.E. Hansen and Veronica Soloveva

A Three-Dimensional Spheroid Cell Culture Model for Robust High-Throughput RNA Interference Screens  Open Access Plus

Pp. 215-231 (17)

Geoffrey Bartholomeusz and Arvind Rao

The Use of RNAi Technology in the Development of High Performance Bioproduction Cell Lines  Open Access Plus

Pp. 232-246 (15)

Weilin Wu, Sabine van der Sanden, Paula Brooks, Jon M. Karpilow, Steven Oberste and Ralph A. Tripp

RNAi Screening to Facilitate Drug Repurposing  Open Access Plus

Pp. 247-265 (19)

Olivia Perwitasari and Ralph A. Tripp

Author Index  Open Access Plus

Pp. 266

Ralph A. Tripp and Jon M. Karpilow

Subject Index  Open Access Plus

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Ralph A. Tripp and Jon M. Karpilow