Model-Driven Business Process Engineering

Editor(s): Kevin Lano, Ravinder Singh Zandu and Krikor Maroukian

Indexed in: EBSCO.

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Model Driven development (MDD) is a software and systems development model that involves the application of visual modeling principles and best practices....
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Pp. i-ii (2)

Krikor Maroukian

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Pp. iii

Krikor Maroukian and Kevin Lano

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Pp. iv

Krikor Maroukian and Kevin Lano

Change Management within Project Management: An Integrated Structured Business Process Approach

Pp. 37-66 (30)

Charalampos Apostolopoulos, George Halikias, Apostolopos Leros and Georgios Tsaramirsis

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Generation of UML2 Use Cases from MEASUR’s Ontology Charts: A MDA Approach

Pp. 67-76 (10)

Georgios Tsaramirsis and Mohammad Yamin

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An Analysis of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

Pp. 77-108 (32)

Faisal Almisned

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Model Driven Approach for Programme Management

Pp. 109-142 (34)

Ravinder Singh Zandu and Kevin Lano

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Pp. 143-145 (3)

Kevin Lano, Ravinder Singh Zandu and Krikor Maroukian