Anthrax: History, Biology, Global Distribution, Clinical Aspects, Immunology, and Molecular Biology

Author(s): Robert E. Levin

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Following the post 9/11 distribution of anthrax spores through the U.S. mail, and the resulting deaths of five individuals - primarily due to initial misdiagnosis - there has been a renewed interest ...
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Ronald G. Labbe

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Robert E. Levin

Characteristics of Bacillus anthracis

Pp. 24-46 (23)

Robert E. Levin

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Clinical Aspects and The Infectious Process of Anthrax

Pp. 47-68 (22)

Robert E. Levin

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Functionality of Bacillus anthracis Toxins

Pp. 69-111 (43)

Robert E. Levin

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Robert E. Levin