Premium and Specialized Intraocular Lenses

This eBook is a review on the state-of-the-art knowledge on currently available premium intraocular lenses. The volume covers a variety of intraocular lenses including multifocal, accommodative, ...
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Iris Prostheses: Overview and Design

Pp. 241-264 (24)

Michael E. Snyder and Kristiana Neff


Iris defects such as congenital aniridia, ocular albinism, iris coloboma, uveitis, trauma, or surgical misadventure face a unique challenge for the ophthalmologist. Relatively conservative solutions like colored contact lenses, corneal tattooing has limited results. In this chapter we will review the intraocular devices that are currently marketed to the world ophthalmic community. A few cases will be discussed for demonstrational purposes.


Aniridia, iris coloboma, uveitis, photophobia, iris prostheses, aniridia implant, artificial iris, treatments.


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