Biological Systems: Complexity and Artificial Life

Biological Systems: Complexity and Artificial Life

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The exponential increase in computing power in the late twentieth century has allowed researchers to gather, process and analyze large volumes of information and construct rational paradigms of ...
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Non-Equilibrium Dynamics, Biological Systems and Time-Arrow

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Jacques Ricard


The concept of time-arrow does not appear frequently in physics. This is not the case for the study of biochemical systems as many of them are able to sense whether a variable is increasing or decreasing. This effect can be explained by the non-linear character of the system and its dynamics.


Bound enzymes and hysteresis loops, Time-arrow and non-linearity of sequences of biochemical reactions, Non-linearity and sensing chemical signals, Sensing the direction of a process.


Honorary Director of the Jacques Monod Institute CNRS, Paris cedex 5, France