Biological Systems: Complexity and Artificial Life

Biological Systems: Complexity and Artificial Life

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The exponential increase in computing power in the late twentieth century has allowed researchers to gather, process and analyze large volumes of information and construct rational paradigms of ...
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Driving Unfavorable Molecular Motions within the Cell

Pp. 126-141 (16)

Jacques Ricard


Molecular motions take place within the cell. Considered in isolation these motions would have been impossible. It is only because they are coupled with chemical reactions within the cell that they can take place.


Molecular motions within the cell, Tubulin, Microtubules, Actin, Dark bands, Light bands, Myosin, Treadmilling, Treadmill flow, Plus-end of a polymer, Minus-end of a polymer.


Honorary Director of the Jacques Monod Institute CNRS, Paris cedex 5, France