Introduction to Computer Data Representation

Introduction to Computer Data Representation introduces readers to the representation of data within computers. Starting from basic principles of number representation in computers, the book covers ...
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Computer Arithmetic

Pp. 77-102 (26)

Peter Fenwick


This chapter firstly extends the earlier principles of addition to provide faster adders. It then describes the underlying principles of binary multiplication and division, and especially techniques for fast operations.


Adders, carry-lookahead adder, carry-skip adder, asynchronous adder, carry-save adder, fast carry-path adder, multipliers, twos-complement multiplication, skipping over 0s and 1s, high radix multiplier, combinational multiplier, restoring division, non-restoring division, SRT division, approximate quotient digit division, additive refinement division.


The University of Auckland (Retired) New Zealand