Negotiation and Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems

Fundamentals, Theories, Systems and Applications

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Agent technology has generated lots of excitement in the past decade. Currently, multi-agent systems (MAS) composed of autonomous agents representing individuals or organizations and capable of ...
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Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

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Jaime Simao Sichman and Helder Coelho


The autonomous agents and multi-agent systems domain was very active and fruitful along the last decade, mainly due to the community research efforts, with the organization of more than 50 workshops and a yearly major international conference (AAMAS). Moreover, the domain has reached the 3rd. place in IJCAI 2009 and the 2nd. place in ECAI 2010 in the number of accepted full papers, thus revealing its high relevance within the mainstream current research in the major field of Artificial Intelligence. In this paper, we try to cover its five key elements (agents, environments, interactions, organizations and users), after presenting a brief sketch of its historical milestones. We conclude by pointing out the future aims of research and the right place of negotiation and argumentation within the context of the domain.


Agency, Autonomy, Classification Grid, Coalition, Consilience, Decision Theory, Distribution, Game Theory, Governance, Heuristics, Pattern of Cooperation, Social Exchange.


Universidade de Sao Paulo, Escola Politecnica, Lab. de Tecnicas Inteligentes, Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, 158 trav. 3, 05508-970 Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil