Negotiation and Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems

Fundamentals, Theories, Systems and Applications

Editor(s): Fernando Lopes

Co-Editor(s): Helder Coelho

Indexed in: EBSCO.

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Agent technology has generated lots of excitement in the past decade. Currently, multi-agent systems (MAS) composed of autonomous agents representing individuals or organizations and capable of ...
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Pp. i-iv (4)

Fernando Lopes and Helder Coelho

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Pp. v-viii (4)

Fernando Lopes and Helder Coelho

Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

Pp. 3-29 (27)

Jaime Simao Sichman and Helder Coelho

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Game Theoretic Models for Strategic Bargaining

Pp. 30-47 (18)

Nicola Gatti

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Computational Negotiation

Pp. 48-81 (34)

Fernando Lopes

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Advances in Argumentation-Based Negotiation

Pp. 82-125 (44)

Yannis Dimopoulos and Pavlos Moraitis

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Formal Analysis of Negotiation Protocols for Task Allocation

Pp. 149-190 (42)

Victor Lesser, Jiaying Shen, Ingo Weber and Xiaoqin Shelley Zhang

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Argumentation and Artifacts for Negotiation Support

Pp. 191-232 (42)

Enrico Oliva, Peter McBurney, Andrea Omicini and Mirko Viroli

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RANA: A Relationship-Aware Negotiation Agent

Pp. 233-253 (21)

Carles Sierra and John Debenham

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Normative and Trust-Based Systems as Enabler Technologies for Automated Negotiation

Pp. 254-307 (54)

Joana Urbano, Henrique Lopes Cardoso, Eugenio Oliveira and Ana Paula Rocha

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Multiattribute Bilateral Negotiation in a Logic-Based E-Marketplace

Pp. 308-333 (26)

Azzurra Ragone, Tommaso Di Noia, Eugenio Di Sciascio, Francesco M. Donini and Roberto Mirizzi

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Multi-Agent Negotiation for Coalition Formation and Management in Electricity Markets

Pp. 334-360 (27)

Tiago Pinto, Hugo Morais, Zita Vale and Isabel Praca

PDF Price: $15

Argumentation-Based Planning in Multi-Agent Systems

Pp. 361-398 (38)

Eva Onaindia, Oscar Sapena and Alejandro Torreno

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Argumentation-Based Conflict Resolution in Pervasive Services

Pp. 399-419 (21)

Yazid Benazzouz and David Boyle

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Pp. 420-424 (5)

Fernando Lopes and Helder Coelho