Modern Applications of High Throughput R&D in Heterogeneous Catalysis

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This eBook covers the application of high-throughput R&D to both fundamental and applied catalysis including catalyst synthesis, characterization, and testing in various reactor types. Chapters ...
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Application of High Throughput Experimentation to the Production of Commodity Chemicals from Renewable Feedstocks

Pp. 288-309 (22)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608058723114010012

Author(s): Gary M. Diamond, Vince Murphy, Thomas R. Boussie


Rennovia is employing cutting-edge technology to adapt chemical catalytic processes, already proven to be scalable and efficient in the refining and chemical industries, for the conversion of biorenewable feedstocks to existing major-market chemicals. This chapter outlines Rennovia’s general approach to the cost-advantaged production of renewable chemicals, and describes the scale-up of Rennovia’s bio-based adipic acid process and how it offers the potential for significant commercial and environmental advantages over the current petrochemical process.


Bio-based, renewable, biorenewable, sustainable, chemical, adipic acid, glucaric acid, hexamethylenediamine, HMD, HMDA, life cycle assessment, LCA, carbon footprint, low carbon footprint, carbon footprint reduction, bio-based chemical, renewable chemical, biorenewable chemical, sustainable chemical, 100% bio-based, 100% renewable, 100% biorenewable, nylon-6, 6, nylon-66, polyamide, polyamide- 6, 6, polyamide-66, high-throughput screening, catalyst synthesis, catalyst screening, oxidation, reduction, hydrodeoxygenation, optimization, process, scale-up, Rennovia.