Humanitarian Crises and International Relations 1959-2013

Humanitarian Crises and International Relations 1959-2013

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Humanitarian Crises and International Relations (1959-2013) presents a brief study of the relations between sovereign nations from 1959 to the current Afghanistan crisis (post NATO intervention). ...
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Human Impact

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Fabienne Le Houérou


In this chapter, I focus on the importance of the human impact of humanitarian crises. This chapter recalls the fact that these conflicts have severe implications on humans, and seeks to extricate the discussion from international politics. I focus on the significance of a nuanced approach to working with refugees. It reflects on the notion of exile, gender and narrative of persecutions.


Genocide, Diaspora, Refugees, Unrecognized refugees, Gender based violence, Human Rights, Humanitarian Assistance, Conflict resolution, Human impact of conflict, Darfur, Tibet, United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights (UNHCR) policies, Darfur refugees, Tibetan refugees, Gender-based sexual violence, Psychological impact of conflict, Media, Social ostracism, Cairo, Human resilience, Compassion.


Institut de Recherches et d’Etudes sur le Monde Arabe et Musulman (IREMAM) Aix-en-Provence France