Humanitarian Crises and International Relations 1959-2013

Humanitarian Crises and International Relations 1959-2013

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Humanitarian Crises and International Relations (1959-2013) presents a brief study of the relations between sovereign nations from 1959 to the current Afghanistan crisis (post NATO intervention). ...
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Afghan Wars 1979 - ?

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Fabienne Le Houérou


In this chapter, I peel back layers of Afghan history to highlight the challenges faced by any government in Afghanistan. Since King Habibullah, the country was vulnerable to foreign control and invasion due to the geography and lack of resources. Afghanistan has been in a constant state of war since 1979, and arguably prior to then. This chapter underscores the importance of a local solution to the ongoing conflict as a way to end the humanitarian crisis.


Afghanistan, Afghan monarchy, Mohamed Daoud Khan, Amanullah, Zahir Shah, History of Afghanistan, Soviet Union, Mujahideen, Peshawar Accords, Pakistan, Osama bin Laden, United States military, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), South Asia, military intervention, Insurgency, Humanitarian aid, Militarized humanitarian assistance, Hamid Karzai, United Nations, Human rights, Refugees.


Institut de Recherches et d’Etudes sur le Monde Arabe et Musulman (IREMAM) Aix-en-Provence France