Social Network Analysis: An Introduction with an Extensive Implementation to a Large-Scale Online Network Using Pajek

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This brief textbook explains the principles of social network analysis. The book goes beyond theoretical concepts and gives the reader complete knowledge about how to apply analytical techniques ...
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State of the Art on SNA Applications

Pp. 56-67 (12)

Seifedine Kadry and Mohammed Z. Al-Taie


Social network analysis has been used to enhance the performance or to solve problems of a wide range of applications such as semantic Web, social recommender systems, group formation etc. In this chapter we are going to address the main fields that SNA has contributed in their development. We will present the main contribution and summary of work for researchers in each field.


Semantic Web, social recommender systems, group formation, software development, health, cybercrime, business, collaborative learning, animal social networks, communications. Filtering, epidemiology, distancelearning, weblog, SPARQL, FAOF.


School of Engineering American university of the Middle East Kuwait