Social Network Analysis: An Introduction with an Extensive Implementation to a Large-Scale Online Network Using Pajek

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This brief textbook explains the principles of social network analysis. The book goes beyond theoretical concepts and gives the reader complete knowledge about how to apply analytical techniques ...
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Social Networks and Social Network Analysis

Pp. 3-35 (33)

Seifedine Kadry and Mohammed Z. Al-Taie


In this chapter, we will give a brief description to the main types of networks (with emphasis on social networks), structural properties of networks, basic concepts in graph theory, a historical background showing how social network analysis developed over years, the most important measures used in SNA and finally examples for SNA modeling tools that are used today by researchers of the field.


Social networks, social network analysis, graph theory, modeling tools, Blogs, Wiki, Web 2.0, Information networks, Technological networks, UCINET, Pajek, Density, Vertices, Mixing patterns, Degree distribution, Biological networks.


School of Engineering American university of the Middle East Kuwait