Latest Advances in Clinical and Pre-Clinical Cardiovascular MRI

Latest Advances in Clinical and Pre-Clinical Cardiovascular MRI

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Applications of Displacement-Encoded MRI in Cardiovascular Disease

Pp. 64-83 (20)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608058068114010007

Author(s): Han Wen, Pierre Croisille


Displacement-encoded MRI is a class of imaging sequences and protocols that are based on the idea of displacement-encoding with stimulated echo (DENSE). Due to its ability to encode the displacement information over an extended period of time into the phase value of individual pixels in the image, it is a suitable method for track tissue motion at high resolution, which is valuable imaging tool in the assessment of cardiovascular diseases. This chapter describes the application of displacementencoded MRI in the assessment of ischemic heart disease through strain mapping, and in the assessment of carotid artery lesions through wall strain measurements in compliance to arterial pressure fluctuations.


Human, swine model, heart, myocardium, cardiovascular disease, carotid artery, atherosclerotic plaque, strain, compliance, circumferential, radial, phase, DENSE.