Health Policy in Ageing Populations: Economic Modeling of Chronic Disease Policy Options in Australia

In a global environment of rapid increases in health expenditures, health policies in Australia and in many other countries are currently undergoing major reforms. To contain future cost increases, ...
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Model Validation, Generalisability and Limitations

Pp. 66-75 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608058167113010009

Author(s): Agnes E.G. Walker


To be credible, a model such as HealthAgeingMod needs to be validated against external benchmarks, its limitations need to be identified, and the extent of its generalisability needs to be explained. To the extent possible, credibility should be widely established among, for example, potential users, researchers, medical practitioners, policy developers and health administrators. This Chapter summarises work carried out to establish credibility, in addition to the work that had been reported in a peer reviewed Journal [37].


Model validation, alignment against benchmark statistics, base-year and projection period output validations, model generalisability, limitattions, credibility of results, potential users.