Health Policy in Ageing Populations: Economic Modeling of Chronic Disease Policy Options in Australia

In a global environment of rapid increases in health expenditures, health policies in Australia and in many other countries are currently undergoing major reforms. To contain future cost increases, ...
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Chronic Disease Model-System – Detailed Descriptions

Pp. 33-65 (33)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608058167113010008

Author(s): Agnes E.G. Walker


This Chapter describes in detail the elements of HealthAgeingMod: the data sources and methods used, the assumptions underlying the model-system, the variables that needed to be modified, or imputed; the demographic and health characteristics of the Base-year dataset; the method of projecting into the future; and, for the diabetes and CVD sub-models, the data sources used and the incidence equations developed.


Economic model building, cross-sectional and longitudinal data sources, microdata, methodologies, equations to predict risk factor and disease probabilities, microsimulation.