Health Policy in Ageing Populations: Economic Modeling of Chronic Disease Policy Options in Australia

Editor(s): Agnes E.G. Walker, James R.G. Butler and Stephen Colagiuri

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In a global environment of rapid increases in health expenditures, health policies in Australia and in many other countries are currently undergoing major reforms. To contain future cost increases, ...
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Foreword  Open Access Plus

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Norman Swan

Preface  Open Access Plus

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Agnes E.G. Walker

List of Contributors  Open Access Plus

Pp. vi

Agnes E.G. Walker

Introduction  Open Access Plus

Pp. 3-7 (5)

Agnes E.G. Walker

Can Australia Maintain its High Ranking in Health?  Open Access Plus

Pp. 8-12 (5)

Agnes E.G. Walker and Stephen Colagiuri

Recent Policy Reforms  Open Access Plus

Pp. 13-17 (5)

Agnes E.G. Walker

Overview of Australia’s Chronic Disease Model  Open Access Plus

Pp. 18-32 (15)

Agnes E.G. Walker and James R.G. Butler

Chronic Disease Model-System – Detailed Descriptions  Open Access Plus

Pp. 33-65 (33)

Agnes E.G. Walker

Model Validation, Generalisability and Limitations  Open Access Plus

Pp. 66-75 (10)

Agnes E.G. Walker

Illustrative Simulations Using HealthAgeingMod  Open Access Plus

Pp. 76-81 (6)

Agnes E.G. Walker, James R.G. Butler and Stephen Colagiuri

Simulating a Policy Relevant Reform Option with HealthAgeingMod  Open Access Plus

Pp. 82-105 (24)

Agnes E.G. Walker, James R.G. Butler, Stephen Colagiuri and Crystal Man Ying Lee

Issues for 21st Century Health Policy Concerning Chronic Diseases  Open Access Plus

Pp. 106-115 (10)

Agnes E.G. Walker

Could Health Modeling be Improved or Better Used?  Open Access Plus

Pp. 116-132 (17)

Agnes E.G. Walker

Concluding Remarks  Open Access Plus

Pp. 133-134 (2)

Agnes E.G. Walker

Appendix A: National Health Survey 2004-05  Open Access Plus

Pp. 135

Agnes E.G. Walker

Appendix B: Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Survey (AusDiab)  Open Access Plus

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Agnes E.G. Walker

Glossary  Open Access Plus

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References  Open Access Plus

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Index  Open Access Plus

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