Surgical Inflammation

Surgical Inflammation

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This monograph offers the reader an integrated point-of-view about the inflammatory response related to injury, infections and tumors. This integration is based on the hypothesis that the multiple ...
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A Brief History of Surgical Inflammation

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Jaime Arias, Maria-Angeles Aller and Jose-Ignacio Arias


The concept of inflammation throughout its history has become exceedingly enhanced by the discovery that inflammation does not just participate in conditions that produce redness, swelling, heat, pain and loss of function. Nowadays, inflammation is associated with numerous and diverse diseases, including arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, neurodegeneration and cancer. In addition, inflammation is a process also involved in many physiological processes like embryogenesis, regeneration, aging and animal development. Understanding the great versatility of the inflammatory response is very useful for surgeons given its application potential during pre-, intra- and postoperative management of their patients.


Inflammation, surgery, surgical history, injury, elective surgery, accidental surgery, surgical treatment, transplantation, vessels anastomosis, parainflammation, meta-organism.


Department of Surgery, Medical School Complutense University of Madrid Madrid Spain