Methods to Determine Enzymatic Activity

Editor(s): Alane Beatriz Vermelho and Sonia Couri

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Methods to Determine Enzymatic Activity is a textbook about industrial enzymes. The book features definitions, classifications and applications of selected enzymes important in industry and in ...
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Foreword  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-ii (2)

Claudiu T. Supuran

Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. iii-v (3)

Alane Beatriz Vermelho and Sonia Couri

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Pp. vi-viii (3)

Alane Beatriz Vermelho and Sonia Couri

Acknowledgements  promotion: free to download

Pp. ix

Alane Beatriz Vermelho and Sonia Couri

Methods of Determination of Pectinase Activity

Pp. 3-26 (24)

Sonia Couri, Selma da Costa Terzi, Bernardo Dias Ribeiro, Antonio Carlos Augusto da Costa and Cristiane Sanchez Farinas

PDF Price: $30

Assays of Peroxidase Activity

Pp. 27-38 (12)

Bernardo Dias Ribeiro and Maria Alice Zarur Coelho

PDF Price: $30

Methods to Determine Chitinolytic Activity

Pp. 39-67 (29)

Rosalie R. R. Coelho, Juliana P. Rosa, Rodrigo F. Souza and Adriana M. Fróes

PDF Price: $30

Cellulase Activity Assays: A Practical Guide

Pp. 68-99 (32)

Cristiane Sanchez Farinas, Mônica Caramez Triches Damaso and Sonia Couri

PDF Price: $30

Methods for Detection of Amylolytic Activities

Pp. 100-124 (25)

Aline Machado de Castro and Bernardo Dias Ribeiro

PDF Price: $30

Methods to Determine Xylanolytic Activity

Pp. 125-160 (36)

Rodrigo P. Nascimento, Mônica P. Gravina-Oliveira and Rosalie R. R. Coelho

PDF Price: $30

Assay Methods for Lipase Activity

Pp. 161-194 (34)

Mônica Caramez Triches Damaso, Thaís Fabiana Chan Salum, Selma Da Costa Terzi and Sonia Couri

PDF Price: $30

Assays of Phenoloxidase Activity

Pp. 195-207 (13)

Priscilla F. F. Amaral and Bernardo D. Ribeiro

PDF Price: $30

Assay Method for Transglutaminase Activity

Pp. 208-225 (18)

Mônica Caramez Triches Damaso, Romulo Cardoso Valadão, Sonia Couri and Alane Beatriz Vermelho

PDF Price: $30

Keratinases: Detection Methods

Pp. 226-261 (36)

Alane Beatriz Vermelho, Ana Maria Mazotto and Sabrina Martins Lage Cedrola

PDF Price: $30

Qualitative and Quantitative to Determine Peptidase Activity

Pp. 262-280 (19)

Alane Beatriz Vermelho, Edilma Paraguai de Souza, Daniel Paiva and Giseli Capaci Rodrigues

PDF Price: $30

Tannase Activity

Pp. 281-291 (11)

Ariana F. Melo and Andrea M. Salgado

PDF Price: $30

Urease Activity

Pp. 292-319 (28)

Lívia Maria da C. Silva, Andrea M. Salgado and Maria Alice Z. Coelho

PDF Price: $30

Subject index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 320-322 (3)

Alane Beatriz Vermelho and Sonia Couri