Recent Advances Towards Improved Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal Pollution

Editor(s): David W.M. Leung

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Heavy metal pollution represents a global challenge to both public health and environmental sustainability. Any means to reduce heavy metal pollution in the environment is of considerable economic ...
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Foreword  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-ii (2)

Dharmendra Kumar Gupta

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Pp. iii-iv (2)

David W.M. Leung

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Pp. v-vi (2)

David W.M. Leung

Chelate-Assisted Phytoremediation of Lead

Pp. 40-54 (15)

Lingjuan Zheng, Ursula Lütz-Meindl and Thomas Peer

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Effect of Nitric Oxide Donors on Metal Toxicity in Plants

Pp. 55-67 (13)

David W.M. Leung

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Metal Hyperaccumulating Ferns: Progress and Future Prospects

Pp. 68-88 (21)

Sarita Tiwari, Bijaya K. Sarangi, Pulavarty Anusha and Ram A. Pandey

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Phytomanagement of Contaminated Sites Using Poplars and Willows

Pp. 119-133 (15)

Brett Robinson and Ian McIvor

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Pp. 134-138 (5)

David W.M. Leung