Ion Implantation and Activation

Volume: 2

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Ion Implantation and Activation presents the derivation process of related models in a comprehensive step by step manner starting from the fundamental processes and moving up into the more advanced ...
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Ion Implantation Profile in Multi-Layer Structure

Pp. 54-68 (15)

Kunihiro Suzuki


It is important to predict ion implanted profiles in substrates comprised of different materials, where related moment parameters are different. We describe two procedures to generate profiles in multi-layers by using data for each layer, that is, dose matching method, and Rp normalized method, where Rp is the projected range. We show the process in which the methods are applied to multi-layers. Dose matching method is a simple and effective method. However, it provides unstable results sometimes, while Rp normalized method provides stable results.


Ion implantation, multi-layer, dose, dose matching method, Rp normalized method, projected range, straggling, profile, effective thickness, Monte Carlo, P, W, Si, SiO2, channeling.


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