Ion Implantation and Activation

Volume: 2

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Ion Implantation and Activation presents the derivation process of related models in a comprehensive step by step manner starting from the fundamental processes and moving up into the more advanced ...
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Analytical Model for Two-Dimensional Profile in MOSFET’s

Pp. 18-31 (14)

Kunihiro Suzuki


Two-dimensional profile model for ion implantation at high tilt angle was derived, in order to describe the pocket ion implantation of MOSFETs. Then we can generate two-dimensional profile of ion implantation for the full MOS process neglecting diffusion of dopants, in order to predict electrical characteristic of MOSFETs.


Ion implantation, two-dimensional profile, lateral distribution, MOSFET’s, co-implantation, flash lamp annealing, redistribution, diffusion, inverse modeling, extension, straggling, lateral straggling, reverse short channel effect, pocket ion implantation, VLSI.


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