Ion Implantation and Activation

Ion Implantation and Activation

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Ion Implantation and Activation presents the derivation process of related models in a comprehensive step by step manner starting from the fundamental processes and moving up into the more advanced ...
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Physics of Ion Implantation

Pp. 8-91 (84)

Kunihiro Suzuki


The interactions between incident ion and substrate atoms are classical physical subjects. Ions lose its initial accelerated energy through the interaction between electron cloud and nuclei. The process is described with fundamental atomic properties such as atomic number and mass. Therefore, the model accommodates any combination of incident atom as well as the substrate composed of various kinds of atoms. We show the detail derivation process of nuclei and electronic stopping power models.


Ion implantation, nuclear stopping power, electronic stopping power, two-body collision, laboratory system, center of mass system, elastic collision, Bohr speed, Bethe model, Firsov, Lindhard model, Thomas-Fermi potential, Poisson equation, Coulomb potential, channeling, damage, amorphous layer.


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