Jack the Writer: A Verbal & Visual Analysis of the Ripper Correspondence

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The story of the unidentified serial killer in London’s Whitechapel district - known as Jack The Ripper – has been the subject of interest to researchers for over 120 years. The name ascribed to ...
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Minor Ripper Correspondence Content Themes

Pp. 121-146 (26)

Dirk C. Gibson


The minor categories of Ripper correspondence themes were further subdivided into large and small minor themes. The ‘large’ minor themes included; 1) Ripper could not finish the job, 2) Ripper’s inactivity explained, 3) Future mutilations predicted, 4) Murders explained, 5) References to press coverage, 6) Descriptions of the Ripper, 7) Americans, 8) “Ripping,” 9) “Funny little games,” 10) Other letters mentioned, 11) Response to people in the news, 12) Undiscovered bodies, 13) Request for publicity, 14) Certain murders denied, 15) Multiple events, 16) Blood, 17) Irrelevant items, 18) Torso slayings, 19) Ripper talks with the police, 20) Police threatened, 21) Different Ripper handwriting explained, 22) “Excuse writing,” 23) Can’t afford postage/paper, 24) Indoor murder and mutilation, 25) Cannibalism, and 26) Upper-class women as victims. The ’small’ minor themes included; 1) Ripper was a cop, 2) Ripper was caught or nearly caught, 3) Bodies thrown in Thames River, 4) Leather Apron, 5) Ripper holiday, 6) Embargo requests, 7) Ripper was paid, 8) Reward, 9) Victims named, 10) Christmas, 11) Jews, 12) George Lusk, 13) “Buckled,” 14) Police families threatened, 15) “Sorry,” 16) Future letters promised, 17) Ripper is invisible to police, 18) Ripper’s health, 19) “Ah ah,” 20) Paris/France, 21) “I’m not mad,” 22) Jack the MD, and 23) Queen Victoria.


“Buckled, ” Cannibalism, Embargo Requests, “Funny Little Games, “ Jack the MD, Jews, Police Threatened, Publicity Requested, Reward, Ripper Invisibility, Ripper was a Cop, Ripper was Caught, Ripper was Paid, Ripper‘s Health, Ripper‘s Holiday, “Ripping, ” “Sorry, ” Torso Slayings, Queen Victoria.


Department of Communication & Journalism University of New Mexico Albuquerque USA