Jack the Writer: A Verbal & Visual Analysis of the Ripper Correspondence

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The story of the unidentified serial killer in London’s Whitechapel district - known as Jack The Ripper – has been the subject of interest to researchers for over 120 years. The name ascribed to ...
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Theme Categories and Dominant Themes in the Ripper Correspondence

Pp. 77-92 (16)

Dirk C. Gibson


This chapter reported the categorization of the Ripper letter themes. The three most-frequently mentioned themes in the letters constituted the dominant themes category. Next in terms of frequency of occurrence were the five major themes. Less common were the fifteen meaningful themes. Least common of all were the minor themes; there were twenty-six ‘large’ minor themes and twenty-three ‘small’ minor theme, categories. This chapter also discussed the three dominant themes; 1) Future murders planned, 2) Police ridiculed, and 3) “Dear Boss.”


Battersea, Birmingham, Bradford, Brentford, Brum, City Police, Constables, Dominant Themes, Ealing Road, Future Murders Planned, Hackney, Hampstead, Haymarket, Home Office, Major Themes, Meaningful Themes, Minor Themes, Police Ridiculed, Surrey Court, Queen Victoria Street, Wales.


Department of Communication & Journalism University of New Mexico Albuquerque USA