Supervising and Writing a Good Undergraduate Dissertation

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The considerable increase in numbers of students required to complete undergraduate dissertations as part of their curricula demonstrates a clear need for supporting academic staff from a wide ...
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Supervising International Students’ Undergraduate Research Projects: Implications from the Literature

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Charles Buckley


Increases in numbers in higher education coupled with a more diverse population including international students, has meant that tutors need to be responsive to a wider range of needs. The dissertation is arguably the most substantial piece of work a student produces during his/her degree; however, the supervision of undergraduates during this period and the relationship with the supervisor are in need of research as most effort has been focused on the postgraduate level. International students face the same challenges as their home domiciled peers but may face other difficulties associated with language and enculturation. However, there are many potential benefits for both staff and students which can be derived from the rich diversity which international students bring to university life. This chapter reviews some of the key literature in the area of supervision and, in particular, some of the issues surrounding supporting international undergraduate students. Based on the review, the author offers a number of recommendations for supervisors in higher education.


International students, undergraduate dissertation, higher education, supervision, intercultural, mentor, support, teaching and learning, student research, cultural awareness, staff-student relationships.


Academic development Unit, Normal Site, Bangor University, Gwynedd, LL57 2PZ, Wales, UK.