Thyroid Cancer: A Clinical Overview and A Useful Laboratory Manual

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Thyroid nodules have a high prevalence in populations where iodine deficiency rates are high and in people older than 50 years. Considering that only 5-10% of thyroid nodules are of malignant nature, ...
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Alternative Methods for the Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodules

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Paolo E. Macchia


Thyroid nodules can be identified in approximately 5% of the population. The American Thyroid Association guidelines indicate fine needle aspiration as the most accurate method for the evaluation of a thyroid nodule; however in up to 20% of cases, cytology produces indeterminate or suspicious results that require surgery to complete the diagnosis. This chapter reviews molecular markers, which can be detected using protein-based assays, to improve the sensitivity of FNA.


Galectin-3, HBME-1, CK-19, CD44v6, HMGI(Y), TPO.


Department of Endocrinology, Molecular Oncology and Clinic University of Napoles “Federico II”, Naples, Italy.