Lung Cancer: Clinical and Surgical Specifications

Editor(s): Akın Eraslan Balcı

Indexed in: Book Citation Index, Science Edition, EBSCO.

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This book focuses on the lung cancer, which is the mostly encountered, and one of the most challenging malignant disease of the world. Worldwide, the annual number of new cases of lung cancer is ...
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Pp. i

Yavuz Selim Ilhan

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Pp. ii

Akın Eraslan Balcı

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Pp. iii-vi (4)

Akın Eraslan Balcı

Histopathologic Features of the Lung Cancer

Pp. 21-48 (28)

Semen Onder and Ibrahim Hanifi Ozercan

PDF Price: $30

Genetics of Lung Cancer

Pp. 49-105 (57)

Ebru Önalan Etem

PDF Price: $30

Symptoms, Clinical Findings and Paraneoplastic Syndromes in Lung Cancer

Pp. 106-118 (13)

Tulin Cağatay and Gulfer Okumus

PDF Price: $30

Radiological Evaluation of Lung Cancer

Pp. 119-128 (10)

Ahmet Kürşad Poyraz and Abdurrahman Yasin Erkin Oğur

PDF Price: $30

Current Scintigraphic Imaging of Lung Cancer

Pp. 129-164 (36)

Tansel Ansal Balci

PDF Price: $30

Lung Cancer Staging

Pp. 165-174 (10)

Serdar Erturan and Günay Aydin

PDF Price: $30

Pulmonary Nodules Less Than One Centimeter in Size

Pp. 175-182 (8)

Dalokay Kiliç, Alper Findikçioğlu and Ahmet Hatipoğlu

PDF Price: $30

Lung Cancer Surgery Part A: Pulmonary Artery Reconstruction

Pp. 199-212 (14)

Akın Eraslan Balcı

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Lung Cancer Surgery Part D: Lobectomies

Pp. 268-278 (11)

Kamil Kaynak and Ahmet Demirkaya

PDF Price: $30

Lung Cancer Surgery Part E: Pneumonectomy

Pp. 279-288 (10)

Ahmet Demirkaya, Kamil Kaynak and Ezel Ersen

PDF Price: $30

Lung Cancer Surgery Part F: Surgical Treatment Modalities for Pulmonary Metastases

Pp. 289-299 (11)

Mustafa Yüksel and Hasan Volkan Kara

PDF Price: $30

Lung Cancer Surgery Part G: Superior Sulcus Tumours

Pp. 300-310 (11)

Mustafa Yüksel and Hasan Volkan Kara

PDF Price: $30

Lung Cancer Surgery Part I: Carcinoid Tumours of the Lung

Pp. 323-346 (24)

Altuğ Koşar, Alpay Orki, Tülay Kayacan Örki and Bülent Arman

PDF Price: $30

Lung Cancer Surgery Part J: Bronchoplasty

Pp. 347-354 (8)

Kamil Kaynak, Ahmet Demirkaya and Burcu Kilic

PDF Price: $30

Pain Treatment in Thorax Malignities

Pp. 490-545 (56)

Selami Ateş Önal

PDF Price: $30

Palliative Care in Lung Cancer

Pp. 546-562 (17)

Selçuk Dinçer and Süleyman Özyalçin

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Pp. 563-609 (47)

Akın Eraslan Balcı