Recent Developments in Manufacturing Robotic Systems and Automation

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This book is an updated reference of research activities that bring together various theories, methods, and technologies of robotic systems and automation for manufacturing and related fields. The ...
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Toward a Cognitive Assembly System

Pp. 140-161 (22)

Li-Ming Ou and Xun Xu


This work is focused on a conceptual framework that is able to provide cognitive capabilities to an assembly environment. The framework provides assembly decision-making processes that consider assembly resources and design of a product. The proposed cognitive assembly system comprises of knowledge databases, assembly sequence generation, assembly resource planning and autonomous (self-learning) control capabilities.


Cognition, intelligent assembly, flexible assembly, human-robot cooperation, human-robot interaction, assembly systems, assembly sequence planning, self-learning, computer aided assembly planning, robot learning, robot planning.


Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.