Recent Developments in Manufacturing Robotic Systems and Automation

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This book is an updated reference of research activities that bring together various theories, methods, and technologies of robotic systems and automation for manufacturing and related fields. The ...
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A Novel Design Approach for Robotic Systems

Pp. 3-42 (40)

Nestor E. Nava Rodriguez


The mechanical design is composed of certain stages that are defined by every designer following his/her personal method and experiences. The work can be divided as much as necessary from the study of system requirements to the manufactory. The design quality depends of the work developed in every stage and the number of these steps provides the level of design accuracy. The results of design process with enough effective stages are accurate and fulfil the requirements that have been built for. The stage number, which can be defined as work to develop, should be just the necessary for a successful design. This chapter presents a novel design method composed of suitable phases that generate feasible mechanical designs of robotic systems. Examples of robotic systems designed by applying this method have been illustrated. The experimental tests of these systems operation illustrate successful results that validate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.


Systems, robotics, robotic mechanisms, mechanism examples, design, novel design, design process, suitable design, approach, effective approach.


Robotics Lab., Carlos III University, Calle Universidad, 30, 28911 Leganes (Madrid), Spain.