Better Life and Business: Cell, Brain, Mind and Sex Universal Laws

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Better Life and Business: Cell, Brain, Mind and Sex Universal Laws is an e-book that defines the fascinating new discipline: BRAINLIFEBIZ . BRAINLIFEBIZ combines new discoveries in neurobiology, ...
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Self-Organization of Understanding, Consciousness, Emotions and Knowledge: Cell, Brain, Mind, Sex, Life

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Branko Souček


Background and Purpose: This work develops the new intelligence Self Organization, SO; theory and practice.

Materials and Methods: The experimental data and the theoretical results come from the animal and human cell, brain, mind and sex: firefly, katydid, frog, bird, rodent, human prefrontal cortex.

Results: SO is a never ending, chaotic process that grows from the bottom up, without the leader or central control. It combines the inherited instructions and rules into complex processes and functions. SO laws cover the cell, brain, mind, sex, community and society. Hence they are universal. SO is composed of several basic functions, 30 laws and 100 equations. The data are measured in a short time scale from 0 to 2000 ms. The presented theoretical curves are strongly related to the experimental data.


Cell, DNA code, genetic intelligence organization, cell internal language organization, consciousness, brain, mind, sex, life, SOUČEK laws, courtship, mimicry, send and receive windows, information compressing and packaging.


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