From Semiclassical Semiconductors to Novel Spintronic Devices

Editor(s): Halyna Khlyap

Indexed in: Scopus, EBSCO.

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Dramatic developments in developing semiconductor device technology and nanotechnologies over the last decades has placed increasing demands on the fabrication and design of new electronic devices, ...
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V. Bilozertseva

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Halyna Khlyap

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Halyna Khlyap

Narrow Gap Semiconductors Based on Mercury-Cadmium Telluride

Pp. 3-55 (53)

Petro G. Sydorchuk and Halyna Khlyap

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High-Effective Solar Cells, Thermodynamics and Physics of the Universe

Pp. 56-96 (41)

Viktor I. Laptev and Halyna Khlyap

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Novel Spintronics Devices

Pp. 137-187 (51)

Halyna Khlyap

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Halyna Khlyap