Advances in Organic Synthesis

Volume: 6

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Advances in Organic Synthesis is a book series devoted to the latest advances in synthetic approaches towards challenging structures. It presents comprehensive articles written by eminent authorities ...
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Glycosylation Methods in Oligosaccharide Synthesis

Pp. 238-295 (58)

Ana T. Carmona, Antonio J. Moreno-Vargas and Inmaculada Robina


In this part other procedures of glycosylation reactions by direct activation are presented. We will focus on the n-pentenyl glycoside, the O-alkylation and the trichloroacetimidate methods. The use of glycosyl phosphates and glycals in glycosidation reactions are also discussed. Updated examples of these glycosylation methodologies involving total synthesis of oligosaccharides and related compounds are considered.


Glycosylation, oligosaccharides, pentenyl glycosides, trichloroacetimidates, glycosyl phosphates, glycals, glycosyl donors, glycosyl acceptors, n-pentenyl 1, 2-orthoesters, NPG, NPOE, thioglycosides, orthogonal glycosylation, chemoselective glycosidations.


Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Seville, P.O. Box 1203, E-41071 Seville, Spain.