Current Trends on Glass and Ceramic Materials

Biomaterials created from innovative glass and bioceramic research are emerging as a precursor to several developments useful for solving a wide variety of industry and health related issues. Current ...
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Current Glass-Ceramic Systems Used in Dentistry

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Anthony Johnson, Pannapa Sinthuprasirt, Hawa Fathi and Sarah Pollington


Dental ceramic restorations are essentially oxide based glass-ceramic systems. Glass-ceramics are employed in medicine and dentistry because they are relatively easy to process and have impressive mechanical properties. In addition, allceramic dental restorations are attractive for both dentists and patients because they have excellent aesthetics and their low thermal conductivity makes them comfortable in the mouth. In addition, the material is extremely durable and relatively easy to manufacture into customised units. The first ceramic to be used in dental restoration was dental porcelain. Introduced in the 1960s, this material has shown excellent aesthetics and biocompatibility, but its strength is only adequate for a limited range of applications. The development of advanced dental material technologies has recently led to the introduction of a range of all-ceramic restorations in dentistry. In this chapter, the authors have summarised the fundamental principles of glass-ceramic technology particularly it’s use in dentistry and also give general information about current commercial materials and those currently under development. Detailing their properties, processing methods and how they may affect the future of dentistry.


Glass-ceramics, properties, commercial ceramics, dentistry, processes, glass-ceramics for dental restorations, ideal properties for dental glass-ceramic materials, processing and production methods of commercial glass-ceramic materials.


Academic Unit of Restorative Dentistry, School of Clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield, Claremont Crescent, Sheffield S10 2TA, UK