Advances in Cancer Drug Targets

Volume: 1

Editor(s): Atta-ur-Rahman

Indexed in: EBSCO, Scopus

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Advances in Cancer Drug Targets is an e-book series that brings together recent expert reviews published on the subject with a focus on strategies for synthesizing and isolating organic compounds and ...
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Pp. ii-v (4)


The PIK3CA Gene as a Mutated Target for Cancer Therapy

Pp. 3-21 (19)

Sarah Croessmann, Justin Cidado, John P. Gustin, David Cosgrove and Ben Ho Park

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AKT Signaling in Regulating Angiogenesis

Pp. 22-50 (29)

Bing-Hua Jiang and Ling-Zhi Liu

PDF Price: $15

Pin1: A Promising Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutic Target that Acts on Numerous Cancer-Driving Pathways

Pp. 146-171 (26)

Greg Finn, Man-Li Luo, Xiao Zhen Zhou and Kun Ping Lu

PDF Price: $15

Melatonin and Breast Cancer: Selective Estrogen Enzyme Modulator Actions

Pp. 207-237 (31)

Samuel Cos, Alicia González, Virginia Alvarez-García, Carolina Alonso-González and Carlos Martínez-Campa

PDF Price: $15

Targeting Cancer and Neuropathy with Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors

Pp. 238-263 (26)

V. Rodriguez-Menendez, L. Tremolizzo and G. Cavaletti

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Pp. 264-308 (45)