Durable Ideas in Software Engineering: Concepts, Methods and Approaches from My Virtual Toolbox

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"Software Engineering now occupies a central place in the development of technology and in the advancement of the economy. From telecommunications to aerospace and from cash registers to medical ...
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Testing & Reliability Engineering

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James J. Cusick


Full description of testing in the lifecycle of software development. Discussion of test phases, test planning, test design, and test types. Focus on test environments, conceptual model for test environments, and a generic test process. Test planning approaches are presents with a test plan example. Detailed discussion of test case development including test factor analysis, glass box testing, black box testing, and scenario based testing. Discussion of software reliability testing methods and test methods including test tracking, reporting, and metrics.


Test lifecycle, test phases, test architecture, application under test, test process, test plan, test case, test factors, glass box testing, black box testing, flowgraph testing, software reliability testing, software metrics.


New York City, USA