Atmospheric Flow Fields: Theory, Numerical Methods And Software Tools

This e-book is a collection of chapters on practical and theoretical aspects of atmospheric flows over flat and complex terrain, with applications to air pollution and wind energy. It is divided ...
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Selected Applications of Coastal Valley Meteorology

Pp. 110-133 (24)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608054831112010007

Author(s): Roberta Cocci Grifoni, Giovanni Latini


The atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) height a fundamental parameter characterising the structure of the lower troposphere. It is one of the important parameters requested by different dispersion models as input data for forecasting air quality. The aim of this chapter is to review various methods for the mixed layer height estimate in a complex coastal valley area and compare them to achieve critical awareness of their application. In this chapter, selected case studies of complex terrain meteorology are presented.


Atmospheric boundary layer, coastal breeze, coastal valleys, eddy fluxes, GPS_MET, GRAS, Ionospheric term, mixing height, Monin-Obukhov length, Pasquill classification, Planetary Boundary Layer, Prognostic methods, RASS, refractivity index, Scattering term, signal-to-noise ratio, synoptic winds, turbulent diffusion, vertical gradients, Wind profilers.