Separating Pro-Environment Technologies for Waste Treatment, Soil and Sediments Remediation

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The removal of contaminants and pollutants from natural or valuable materials is a critical issue in environmental management and conservation. Fundamentally, the procedure consists of measures ...
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Waste Treatment Based on Mineral Processing Techniques

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DOI: 10.2174/9781608054725112010004



The use of mineral processing techniques, such as size classification, attrition, gravity separation, flotation etc., can be considered attractive to treat contaminated waste when there is the possibility to recover marketable materials and/or to reduce drastically the volume and the contaminants of the rejects to be located in controlled waste disposal sites. This paper gives some examples of their application to treat: a mine waste contaminated with heavy metals; a granite waste, a contaminated sediments dredging and fly ash from a coal power station.


Mineral processing, Heavy metal mine waste, Granite waste, Dredging waste, Fly ash.