Application of Adsorbents for Water Pollution Control

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Among various water and wastewater treatment technologies, the adsorption process is considered better because of lower cost, simple design and easy operation. Activated carbon (a universal ...
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A Note on the Advances in Adsorption Technology for Water Treatment: Progress and Challenges

Pp. 523-528 (6)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805269111201010523

Author(s): Amit Bhatnagar


This note briefly summarizes the progress and advances in adsorption technology for water remediation. Although numerous adsorbents have been developed and examined in water treatment, their potential needs to be further assessed on pilot scale with real surface/ground water and/or wastewater. Development of some synthetic, hybrid and nano-scale adsorbents show high efficiency towards specific pollutants removal, but more research is needed prior to their use in full-scale application in water and wastewater treatment.


Adsorption, Adsorbents, Biosorbents, Activated carbon, Zeolites, Silica gel, Activated alumina, Regeneration, Nano-adsorbents, Layered double hydroxides.