Application of Adsorbents for Water Pollution Control

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Among various water and wastewater treatment technologies, the adsorption process is considered better because of lower cost, simple design and easy operation. Activated carbon (a universal ...
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Equilibrium and Kinetic Modeling of Adsorption at Solid/Solution Interfaces

Pp. 32-80 (49)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805269111201010032

Author(s): Wojciech Plazinski, Anita Plazinska


This chapter aims at presenting the most common models describing the adsorption at solid/solution interfaces. Considerations are limited to the batch-type adsorption systems. The presented models are divided into two groups: models related to the equilibrium state and those describing the time-evolution of the adsorption system ('kinetic models'). A special emphasis is put on the relation between the physical models and the empirical and/or semi-empirical mathematical expressions. The issue of interpretation of the experimental data is also briefly discussed in the context of various models.


Equilibrium modeling, Kinetics, Kinetic modeling, Adsorption, Interface, Langmuir model, Freundlich model, Langmuir-freundlich isotherm, Dubinin-radushkevich isotherm, Thermodynamic parameters, Multicomponent Adsorption, Multi-site-occupancy Adsorption, Intraparticle-pore-diffusion model, Intraparticle-surface-diffusion model.