Grasping the Future: Advances in Powered Upper Limb Prosthetics

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The technological level of upper limb prostheses has always been fairly poor so far if compared with that of other analogous systems (e.g. lower limb prostheses, assistive robots). However, there is ...
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The Design of Advanced Prosthetic Limb Systems

Pp. 3-14 (12)

R.F.ff. Weir


In the USA there have been many initiatives to develop advanced arm/hand prostheses in the light of the casualties seen in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In this chapter the issues involved in some of these designs is presented as well as an overview of some of the more high profile prosthetic system development efforts.


Prosthetics, Upper-extremity, Myoelectric, Amputation, Neural Interface, Decoders


Department of Bioengineering, College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus, Colorado (USA)