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This Reference eBook deals with an existing classification of a nanosized structure and an analysis of its properties. It summarizes an information about how a grain size affects physical, ...
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Methods of Nanomaterials Investigation

Pp. 84-94 (11)

Alexander D. Pogrebnjak and Vyacheslav M. Beresnev


This Chapter briefly describes the methods, which are employed to study a nano-material ( structural and chemical analysis). Such methods as AFM (an atomic force microscopy), STM (a scanning tunneling microscopy), XRD, SIMS, mechanical tests, which are employed to study a nanomaterial (measurements of a nanohardness and an elastic modulus), are considered.


TEM, STM, AFM, SIMS, RBS, nanohardness.


Sumy State University Sumy Institute for Surface Modification, R.-Korsakov Str. 2, 40007 Sumy Ukraine