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This Reference eBook deals with an existing classification of a nanosized structure and an analysis of its properties. It summarizes an information about how a grain size affects physical, ...
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Nanocomposite Material

Pp. 39-46 (8)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805416911201010039

Author(s): Alexander D. Pogrebnjak, Vyacheslav M. Beresnev


A nanocomposite material is considered as a class. Definition and classification of these materials on the basis of their geometrical dimension are presented. A polymer composite is described. The nanocomposite properties are considered. A nanosized metallic-polymer (with and without pores) is briefly described. A principal scheme of nanoparticle formation in a grafted layer is considered.


Types of nanocomposites, nanocomposite properties.