Rule Developing Experimentation: A Systematic Approach to Understand & Engineer the Consumer Mind

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Consumers have been increasingly involved in the innovation process in the last few decades, a major driving force of business success. This involvement is critically important for innovation, ...
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Mind Genomics®: A Systematic Consumer Research

Pp. 355-384 (30)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805284411201010355

Author(s): Howard R. Moskowitz, Alex Gofman, Jacqueline Beckley, Hollis Ashman


This chapter presents our vision for a new science, modeled on the emerging science of genomics and the technology of informatics. Our goal in this new science is to better understand how people react to ideas in a formal and structured way, using the principles of stimulus–response (from experimental psychology), conjoint analysis (from consumer research and statistics), Internet-based testing (from marketing research) and multiple tests to identify patterns of mind-sets (patterned after genomics). We show how this formal approach constructs new, innovative ideas in business. We demonstrate the approach using the development of new ideas for an electronic color palette for cosmetic products that are to be used by consumers.


Conjoint analysis, consumer research, structured experimentation with consumers.